Dr. Timothy Bailey


My Story


I grew up in Ohio, went to medical school in Chicago and have been living in Florida since 1998. My training and geographical past have exposed me to all facets and styles of life. From the urban cornfields of Northeast Ohio to the suburbs, inner city, and even correctional institutes of Chicago and Central Florida, I have seen pretty much the best and worst of what life has to offer. 

After 20 years as a practicing physician and member of this community, I am really excited to embark on a new chapter in opening up my own practice. I am personally reenergized, very eager, and committed to use and share those years of experience in giving the best of what I have to this community and my patients. 20 years of experience gives us all lessons in what to do… and what no to do. 

I have learned that offering one “type” or “discipline” of medicine to my patients simply is not enough. To merely place each and every person into a “box” regarding personal medical care makes no sense as we are all obviously unique. These years of personal loss and exposure to life and passing have taught me to do my best to practice, above all, empathy and open-mindedness. With this philosophy I am inspired to introduce myself and my patients not just to traditional medicine but to all types: alternative, holistic, functional, natural… to name a few.  I believe that medicine should never be me telling you what to do. I work much better with you being the boss and I, the advisor engaging in hopefully a life-long partnership. One in which we can hopefully both learn something about each other and above all, succeed in our constant endeavor for good health and a great life.

Although I am committed to my community, I am not all about work and “no -play”. I love spending time with my wife, son and family as obviously there is nothing more important, other than our health. I also love music and play guitar and lead sing in a local rock band. From my college days, I still enjoy and strongly believe in physical fitness and exercising although, sadly we all slow down just “a bit” as we age. It is my hope to attempt to optimize my patients as best as possible and keep some semblance of youth for as long as possible.